Shatsk Station for Research in Biology and Geography

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The Station is situated in Shatsk District of Volyn Region on the territory covering 4.7 hectars of Shatsk National Nature Park on the bank of the lake Pisochne.

The Station is used by correspondence geography students for internships and trainings when writing diploma papers.

In 2010 the PhD student of the Department of rational use of natural resources and nature protection Lyubomyr Bezruchko defended the dissertation “Ecological-geographical reasoning of recreational nature management on the territory of Shatsk National Nature Park”. The conducted research became the basis for systematic monitoring on the state of natural complexes affected by recreational activities as well as for searching optimal directions of ecological tourism development on the territory of Shatsk National Nature Park and adjoining territories.

15 October 2011 an action “Clean banks of the Pisochne lake – 2011” took place. About one ton of garbage: plastic and glass bottles, cans, packing materials etc was collected by the teachers and students of the Department. With the assistance of the Shatsk National Nature Park administration the collected waste was transported to the solid wastes ground near Shatsk. 45 people took part in the action. This was the second similar action. The first cleaning of the banks during which about two tons of solid domestic waste was collected took place in 2007. The Shatsk National Nature Park administration expressed written gratitude to the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and participants of the action.