Laboratory of Atlas and Thematic Mapping

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Educational Laboratory of Complex Atlas Cartography functions at the Department of Economic and Social Geography. It was set up by the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Rector’s order of December 26, 2011. (Rector’s order No 1 of January 4, 2012)

The Laboratory staff consists of four employees: the Chief Manager (H. V. Smaliychuyk) and four engineers (M. H. Pelekh, N. B. Skabara (on maternity leave) and T. M. Kravets).


Laboratory Chief ManagerMaria Homynec'Laboratory Chief Manager
1st Category EngineerMaria Pelekh1st Category Engineer


  1. Educational Laboratory of Complex Atlas Cartography (hereinafter – The Laboratory) is a structural unit of the Department of Economic and Social Geography the main task of which is to facilitate organizational, methodological and logistic support of high standards of teaching the Department disciplines, provide practical assistance to students and Professors in their educational and scientific activity.
  2. The Laboratory is set and closed up by the Rector’s order subsequent to the Department and Dean’s office application.
  3. The Laboratory’s activity is regulated by the University Statutes and the present Regulations approved in accordance with the established procedure.
  4. The Laboratory is directly subordinate to the Chairperson.
  5. The Chief Manager of the Laboratory liaises with the Faculty methodologist and the Methodological unit concerning organization of educational activity.
  6. The Laboratory functions according to the annual plan approved by the Chairperson before September, 1 of the current year and yearly reports to the Department and University methodological units.
  7. The Laboratory is financed from the state budget. It can also be financed by off-budget inflows.
  8. In 2012 a long-term proceeding of the Laboratory “Complex Atlas of Lviv”, edited by Prof. O. Shablii appeared in print.