Dniester Geographical Station

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The Dniester Geographical Station has been functioning as a basic training ground for internship of the Faculty of Geography students of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv since 1959. It is situated in the urban village of Yezupil (Tysmenytsya district of Ivano-Frankivsk region) which is a unique geo-morphological region where a number of objects various by their genesis are located. A whole complex of fluvial and slope formations as well as karst phenomena, slides and screes, exfoliation of overburden and pre-overburden deposits are represented here. A considerable part of the training ground is confined to the valleys of the rivers Dniester and Bystrytsya and hilly and mountainous interfluves.

For a long time now the Staff and Faculty have been conducting scientific research around the training ground. The results of the research have been published in a number of scientific papers. These are specifically the studies of P. Tsys, L. Skvarchevska, M. Andrianov, Ya. Kravchuk, H. Miller, D. Stadnytskyi, S. Trokhymchuk, P. Klymovych, I. Kovalchuk, R. Slyvka, R. Hnatiuk, A. Bohutskyi, M. Symonovska, P. Voloshyn, A. Yatsyshyn and many other members of the Faculty. The results of the research are used by the students when doing the field work and writing reports. For the last twenty years paleo-geographical, geo-morphological and archeological studies have been held in this region by the department staff under the guidance of prof. Bohutskyi together with specialists from other higher educational establishments and academic institutions of Ukraine and Poland.

The visual aids and stands in the educational centre of the training ground such as geological, geo-morphological and soil maps, geological and geo-morphological profiles, stratigraphic schemes, samples of developing rose diagrams of rock fracturing and alluvial deposits orientation, as well as reference tables etc depict the natural specifics of the region of internship.

At the Dniester geographical station the geo-morphological part of complex physical, economic and geographical training is provided for full-time and extramural students of the Faculty of Geography. Geo-morphological part of the internship continues (depending on the specialty) for 4 or 5 days.