Dean’s Greeting

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Geography!

The Faculty of Geography of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is the leading scientific and educational-methodological center for the training of highly qualified specialists in Ukraine. Geographical education at the University was officially launched in 1883 with the creation of the Institute of Geography, which was headed by the famous geographer and geobotanist Antony Reman. In 1945, the Faculty of Geography was established on the basis of the Institute of Geography. The formation of geography is associated with famous scientists: S. Rudnytskyi, Y. Polyanskyi, H. Velichko, P. Tsis, K. Gerenchuk, A. Vashchenko, and others. Today, the geography faculty has nine departments: physical geography, economic and social geography, geomorphology and paleogeography, rational use of natural resources and nature protection, geography of Ukraine, soil science and soil geography, constructive geography and cartography, tourism, hotel and restaurant business and food technologies. Departments of the faculty train specialists in “Secondary education”, “Ecology”, “Earth sciences”, “Geography”, “Hotel and restaurant business”, “Tourism”, “Food technologies”.

More than 100 scientific and pedagogical workers work at the faculty, more than 1,500 full-time and part-time students study. The specialized Academic Council for the Defense of Doctoral and Candidate’s Dissertations (D.35.051.08) operates in the specialties “11.00.02. Economic and social geography” and “11.00.05. Biogeography and soil geography”. Students acquire practical skills in scientific research laboratories: engineering-geographical, environmental protection and tourism studies; physical and chemical analyzes of soils and educational laboratories: analysis of soils and natural waters; atlas and thematic mapping; landscape security; geo-information technologies and landscape planning; geoinformation modeling and mapping; hotel and restaurant business; landscape monitoring; educational travel agency; methods of teaching geography and economics in secondary schools; food technologies and restaurant service.  During educational practices, the bases of which are full-time departments located in the picturesque corners of the Carpathians, Polissia, Roztochchya and Precarpathia, students get to know the peculiarities of the nature and economy of Ukraine.

Employees and students take an active part in international scientific and educational activities. As part of academic mobility, students study at European universities, participate in international internships in Greece, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria. Student self-government bodies and a student trade union are actively working at the faculty, which traditionally organize national-patriotic, cultural-artistic, entertainment events and charity events. Faculty students are members of the European Association of Geographers EGEA. Graduates of the faculty work in educational institutions, scientific research, tourism, environmental protection organizations, state and regional administration bodies, commercial institutions.


Dean of the Faculty of Geography

Volodymyr Bilanyuk