Roztochchia Station for Research in Landscape and Geophysics

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The Station was set up in October 1968, but the meteorological centre started working May 1, 1969 in the urban village of Briukhovychi. It is situated within the hilly ridge of Roztochchia.

It is the only one station having had non-stop day and night actinometric and metrological measurements in the western regions of Ukraine since 1970.

Docent B. P. Mukha has been its Chief Manager since the day of the setting up. Owing to the Station’s investigations 3 Doctoral dissertations, 54 diploma papers were written and over 45 articles published.

The landscape and geo-physical studies as follows are carried out at the Station:

  • natural complexes radiation, water and heat balance components;
  • snow thawing dynamics;
  • meadows and forest kenosis biomass dynamics;
  • seasonal dynamics of physical and physical-chemical soils properties;
  • geo-horizons structure of natural complexes;
  • gradient indications of surface air layer.

Proximity to Lviv is very convenient for internships organization. From the first days of its activity it became the base for doing students internship work on the courses “General metrology and climatology”, and later on the course “Landscape geo-physics and station studies fundamentals”, and also a permanent base for the trainings of the Physical Geography students, a base for the landscape and micro-climate parts of the correspondence students trainings as well as venue for scientific conferences and workshops.

10-year old international cooperation of the Station and the Warsaw University relating to the last 50 years’ climate change trends, climate change prognoses, cities and natural complexes topo-climate characteristics is worth mentioning.

From 1998 till 2006 the Station together with the Technological university of Dresden was a part of international project “Dniester” under the UNESCO auspices (the head of the sub-project on topo-climatic studies was Docent B. P. Mukha).

From 2009 till 2012the Station was a partner of IWAS (International Water Research Allianse Saxony) project the Ukrainian part of which focused on the rivers Poltva and Western Buh water basin within the territory of Ukraine. Based on the Agreement of scientific and technical cooperation with Technical University of Dresden automatic climatic station Campbell Scientific CR 800 and seven data loggers TGU-4500 were given for temporary use to the Roztochchcia center.

14-15 May 2010 international workshop ”Stationary geographical studies: experience, problems, perspectives” dedicated to the Roztochchcia centre’s 40th anniversary took place.


Division Chief Manager (part-timer)Bohdan YaworskyyDivision Chief Manager (part-timer)
1st Category EngineerOleg Babich1st Category Engineer
1st Category TechnicianVasyl Chalyk1st Category Technician
Senior Department SecretaryIryna PrytulaSenior Department Secretary