Students Life

Student life

Student life – is a special period for each young person, who has decided upon achieving higher education. For  some – these are long-awaited changes, for others – fear of something new and unknown, and for each first-year student it is very important to have a friend-counsellor, who would help to orient oneself in a hustling and bustling atmosphere of the student life. The activists of student self-governing decided uponhelping the first-year students to get adapted to a new environment and to join the student family of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.

Student local tradeunion committee

Primary student tradeunion organization –is a voluntary  non-profit public organization of students andpostgraduates of the University, the aim of which is representing, conducting and  safeguarding educational, social and economic rights and interests of organization members. Any full-time student of the University, who accepts the Statue of trade union committee for Ukrainianeducation workers,has applied to join the committee and arranges regularmembership payment – can become a member of the local trade union committee.


Health improvement

Recreation camp (RC) Carpathians

Recreation camp Carpathians is located in the mountains near the village Chynadijevo at the border of Mukachiv and Svalyava regions of Precarpathian district.

Holidaymakers take up their residence in one-floor brick housing – double, triple and quadruple rooms with amenities on the floor, as well as in quadruple wooden lodge with amenitiesfor general use. For those who are willing to have an active rest there arefootball pitches, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts, table tennis tables; also, camping trips to the relaxation zone “Bumerang” by the lake in the village Dyjda are organized.

Holidaymakers can go hiking if they wish so, and also they can have an excursion to Beregovo, Solotvyno, Mukachevo, Uzhorod.

Holiday duration is 12 days, full board provided.

Recreation camp (RC) Forest industry worker

Recreationcamp “Forestindustryworker” islocatedapproximatelyonekilometer to the eastfrom the villageRubakivka, Berezanskyjdistrict,Mykholajivskaregionandapproximately 200 metresfrom the shoreof the BlackSea.

Living conditions in the camp – double, triple and quadruple rooms with amenities (bathroom, washbasin, shower, refrigerator, TV) in one floor and two floor buildings. The canteen accommodates 350 people. Aid station is supplied with all medical equipment necessary for giving the first aid.

On the territory of the camp there are:tennis courts, two volleyball pits, basketball pit, table tennis facilities, jungle gym. The beach is controlled by stationary point of humane society where rescuers on duty are watching the holidaymakers.


Folk band of song and dance “Cheremosh”

Cheremosh: history and present

For more than 50 years “Cheremosh” has been running its creative raging waters, it is a folk band of song and dance at Ivan Franko National University of L’viv.

The folk band is a regular participant of the artistic events that are held in our University, in L’viv and other cities. Every year, the chorus of “Cheremosh” performs at L’viv festival “VelykaKoliada”, and every autumn the singers traditionally set off to Rakhiv to attend Festival “Gutsulskabrydzia”.

The band’s repertoire includes dance and vocal music compositions of Bojkivshchyna, Transcarpathians, Bukovyna, Gutsulshchyna, arrangements of songs and orchestra compositions made by famous Ukrainian composers and also thematic programs – Rizdvyana, Velykodnya and Shevchenkivska.

Both – the poetic content and the lyrics of Cheremosh songs are built up on the best traditions of the national music compositions, about which our Ukrainian writer PavloGrabovskyj said: “What a melodius and beautiful music, not to tell about classical simplicity and ingenuousness, inspiration!” “This is the source, from which our descendants will enrich themselves for a long time”.

Being one of the “Cheremosh” band is not limited to mere participation in rehearsals or performances – it is a lifestyle for all its members. Overdecades, the band has created its own special traditions, that are sustained and transmitted from generation to generation. First of all, these are convocation ceremony, graduation ceremony, high days and special occasions for each Cheremosh person of any age.


Information about dormitory

Students of the Faculty of Geography live in the dormitory№3  (MedovojiPechery Street, 39).