Field scientific workshop on the study of palaeo-permafrost processes as a result of the implementation of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine grant

24.10.2023 | 15:52

On October 6-8, 2023, the Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography together with the University of Wrocław (Poland) held a field scientific workshop entitled “DEVELOPMENT OF PALAEOCRYOGENIC PROCESSES IN THE QUATERNARY LOESS-PALAEOSOL SEQUENCES OF UKRAINE”, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Geography at Lviv University.
This event is one of the results of the implementation of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine grant, which is carried out under the leadership of Prof. Andriy Bogucki, and the investigators are members of the Department of Geomorphology and Palaeogeography, Associate Professors Olena Tomeniuk, Roman Dmytruk, Andriy Yatsyshyn, and graduate and master’s students Anastasia Shevtsova, Andriy Bermes, Anna Zinkiv, and Ivan Sapsa. The purpose of the field workshop is to present the results of the latest research related to the study of paleocryogenesis, the cyclical nature of its development, the influence on the formation of sediment properties, the structure and peculiarities of the structure of the modern soil cover, etc.
Vice-rector Volodymyr Kachmar, dean of the Faculty of Geography Volodymyr Bilaniuk, head of the department Lidia Dubis and participants from various scientific and educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland came to the opening of the seminar with warm words of support.
Since the workshop is a field one, it is impossible to do without sections of Quaternary deposits. Of course, they were the centre of attention of the seminar participants, as they recorded numerous global changes in environmental conditions of the Quaternary period. Despite the seasonal changes in weather conditions, the seminar participants had a delicious lunch in the field and visited the Zbarazh castle for scientific and educational purposes. And since the seminar almost coincided with the anniversary of Prof. A. Bogucki, the festive cake was in the style of his scientific interests – a section of a loess-soil series of deposits with ice wedges and a mammoth walking on the periglacial tundra.
It should be noted that during this difficult for our country times, our Polish friends and colleagues from Wrocław University, Prof. Zdzisław Jary and Dr. Janusz Kida, came to support us at the workshop.
We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for protection and the opportunity to work to develop Ukrainian science!