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The Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography was founded in 1950 (before 2000 – Department of Geomorphology). The main research areas of the department are: regional geomorphological and paleogeographic analysis (prof. Yaroslav Kravchuk, prof. Andrii Boguckyi, prof. Lida Dubis, Doc. Yaroslav Khomyn, doc. Miroslav Ivanuk, doc. Roman Gnatiuk, doc.Andrii Yatsyshyn); engineering geomorphology (prof. Jaroslav Kravchuk, docc. Vitalii Brusak, doc. Pavlo Horishnyi, doc. Halyna Bairak, Yurii Zinko, doc. Oksana Koltun); paleogeography of the Pleistocene (prof. Andrii Bohutskyi, doc. Roman Dmytruk, doc. Andrii Yatsyshyn); dynamics of modern relief forming  processes (prof. Yaaroslav Kravchuk, doc. Yaroslav Khomyn, doc. Vitalii Brusak, Yurii Zinko, doc. Roman Hnatyuk); interpretation of aero– and satellite images for the study of the relief (prof. Yaroslav Kravchuk, doc. Halyna Bairak) environmental design (prof. Yaroslav Kravchuk, doc. Vitalii Brusak, senior lecturer Yurii Zinko, doc. Roman Hnatiuk, senior lecturer Svitlana Blagodyr); Historical and Geographical Research (prof. Yaroslav Kravchuk).

The Department’s major: “Geography” specialization 7.070504 Geomorphology, Paleogeography of Pleistocene. “

After defending a specialist’s thesis graduates gain the qualification “Geographer-geomorphologists. Teacher,” after a master’s thesis defense graduates gain the qualification “Master in the field of geomorphology and paleogeography.”

The faculty of the department comprises 14 lecturers, 2 research fellows and 5 representatives of training and support staff. On the department functions: educational laboratory of thematic mapping; Research Laboratory of Engineering and geographical nature conservation and tourism studies (RL-51) ; specially-equipped classrooms of geomorphology and paleogeography and  of geomorphological map.

Professor P. Tsys had done a lot to restore the prestige of the L’viv school of geomorphologists, which has successfully operated since the creation of the first Department of Geography and the Institute of Geography (1882-1883 academic year) at Lviv University. Professor P. Tsys and his students were also respectful to the achievements of Polish and Ukrainian geomorphologists who conducted the study of the terrain on the territory of Polissya, Volyn and Podilia and the Carpathians.

Among the scholars of this period the leaders of the Institute of Geography of different regions should be noted  (A. Reman – 1983-1910, E. Romer – 1911-1933, A. Tsirhofer – 1933-1939, Ya. Polianskyi – 1939-1941). Hryhorii Velychko defended his thesis in Lviv University – he was the first Doctor of Geography among Ukrainian’s (1889), who proposed the natural geographical division of the Carpathians and coined the term “beskyd” to describe a certain mountain type.

Papers of a renowned Ukrainian geographer, academician Stepan Rudnytskyi are associated with this period. In a series of books devoted to the analysis of the relief in the basin of Dnister and Tysa, S. Rudnytskyi has made scientific conclusions regarding the existence of alignment surfaces at different hypsometric levels, icing problems of Siansko-Dniesterskyi watershed, forming volcanic terrain of Vyhorlat-Hutynskyi strands and others that are relevant today.

In 1939, Yurii Polianskyi was the head of the Institute of Geography at the University of Lviv. At that time he was known in scientific circles as geomorphologists, geologist, archaeologist, in particular due to his work “Podilski studies, terraces forests and morphology of Galician skirts over the Dnister”.

A wide range of geomorphological research carried geographers-geomorphologists of Institute of Geography in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century, under the leadership of Professor E. Romer on the study of the Carpathians and Volyn-Podilia areas. E. Romer conducted a detailed morphological and structural analysis of rock groups of the Eastern Carpathians, developed a genetically-chronological approach to study the Dnister valley, highlighted some of the problems associated with icing of Carpathians and others.

At this time collaborators and students of E. Romer conducted a large amount of research work. In particular, S. Pavlovskyi  explored the origins of the Carpathian river valleys, A. Tsirhofer  worked on the problems of paleomorphology of Podillia, Yu. Chizhevskyi studies the genesis of Dnister valley and geomorphological regionalization of the Precarpathians, H. Teiseir worked on problems of apical surface of the Carpathians and surface leveling of the Precarpathians, A. Malitskyi stydied gypsum karst of Pokuttia, Kulchytskyi S. and A. Yan worked on problems of genesis and age skirts of the northern edge of the relief etc.


ChairpersonLidiia DubisChairperson
ProfessorAndriy BoguckiProfessor
ProfessorYaroslav KravchukProfessor
Associate ProfessorHalyna BairakAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVitalii BrusakAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorRoman DmytrukAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorRoman HhatiukAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorPavlo HorishnyiAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOksana KoltunAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOlena TomeniukAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorAndrii YatsyshynAssociate Professor
1st Category Engineer (part-timer)Olʹha Oblohina1st Category Engineer (part-timer)
Postgraduate StudentAnastasia ShevtsovaPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate Student, Engineer (part-timer)Volodymyr ZagriychukPostgraduate Student, Engineer (part-timer)
Postgraduate StudentHalaiko MariaPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentMaksym MysakPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentOksana PanivPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentNazar RybakPostgraduate Student
Postgraduate StudentIvan SapsaPostgraduate Student

Lecturers' schedule

Annotated index of scientific, educational and educational-methodical works of the department “Soil Science and Soil Geography” was published in June 2022

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Annotated index of scientific, educational and educational-methodical works of the department “Soil Science and Soil Geography” was published, ed. Ph.D., prof. S. Pozniak, Ph.D., prof. A. Kyrylchuk, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Geography ”(1993-2023).
The Annotated Index of Publications of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Geography of the Ivan Franko National University of L’viv presents the scientifi c achievements of the teaching staff of the department: scientifi c monographs, textbooks, educational...

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Thanks to prof. M. Malska for the contribution to the development of the idea of the Europe of the Carpathians from the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Mr. Marek Kuchcinski

11.03.2022 | 14:01

I would like to sincerely thank you for your contribution so far to the development of the idea of the Europe of the Carpathians, a new element of which is the International Club of the Carpathian Europe initiated at the XXXII conference in Krasiczyn.
Common experiences and many years of cooperation of people from the field of politics, science and culture, involved in the conference and in promoting Carpathian issues in national and international debates, gave rise to the concept of...

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Continuation and intensification of the cooperation within the area of the countries and nations of the Europe of the Carpathians

11.03.2022 | 14:00

International Club of Europe of the Carpathians
Aware of the responsibilities and moral obligations towards the countries and the nations of our region – Europe – in the context of the current and the approaching challenges,

remembering the Christian roots of Europe, respecting values such as: family, democracy, human dignity, unlimited and legally protected freedom of opinions and speech, and the meaning of social and international dialogue,
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“Virtual visit to the parks of Pennsylvania State University” ONLINE SEMINAR

12.07.2021 | 11:37

On July 6, 2021, an online seminar was organized by Pennsylvania State University (USA) and Znesinnya Regional Landscape Park (Lviv) with the organizational and technical support from Geography Faculty of the Lviv Ivan Franko National University.
This seminar was initiated by Ulyana Taras – director of Znesinnya Regional Landscape Park, who established contacts with representatives of the University of Pennsylvania during her internship in the United States. The online-workshop included presentations on eco-education, management of recreational areas and experimental forestry within...

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