Scientific Research Laboratory of Engineering-Geographical, Nature Conservation and Tourism Studies

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The Laboratory was set up in 1990. Its activity is aimed at doing ecological-geographical, geo-morphological and tourism research, organization of professional trainings of students, involvement in scientific research activity on the relevant topics.

The main lines of scientific research are engineering-geographical, nature protection and tourism ones. One of the first engineering-geographical topics done by the Laboratory staff was the pre-project investigations for Lviv parks reconstruction, as well as new building sites relief valuation for drafting the general plan of the city of Lviv.

After the proclamation of Independence of Ukraine a number of state as well as externally funded research topics in the sphere of protected areas were carried out (scientific advisor Ya. Kravchuk, executive Yu. Zinko). In 1992-1993 the Polish-Ukrainian team developed the project “Nature Protection Area of Roztochchia” . It appeared to become the winner and was awarded the first prize at the European H. Ford Competition in the field of “Environmental Protection” (London, 1994). At requests of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, as well as state reserves, national parks, Lviv regional and local state administrations various commercial projects were also undertaken. From 1987 till 2003 nine projects aimed at studying natural components and complexes of the state reserve “Roztochchia” for developing methodological bases for conservation activities were completed.

One of the priority fields of commercial scientific research in 2000-2010 was elaboration of “Projects for territorial and protection organization, reverse engineering and recreational use of natural complexes and national nature parks objects”.

The Laboratory developed the projects for the future nature protection territories as follows: Yavoriv NNP (1999-2001),. Uzhanskyi NNP (2003-2005), Hutsulshchyna NNP (2003-2008), Halytskyi NNP (2005-2010), NR Medobory (2001-2003).

The scientific advisors of the projects were Prof. Ya. Kravchuk and Docent V. Brusak.

In 2010 the Laboratory staff and the Department were involved in development of the “Project of Stillia Landscape Park Foundation” (coordinators YU. V. Zinko and O. O. Kahalo) of the Institute of the Carpathians Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.