Educational-Training Laboratory “Educational Tourist Agency”

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Laboratory “Educational Tourist Agency” is meant to form basic practical skills of students in order to work according to the specialization “Tourism”. It is established in compliance with the licensing requirements of the higher educational establishments of Ukraine specializing in hotel and tourism business. The main objective of the Laboratory is to provide students with practical experience of organizing work according to the chosen occupation using skills and knowledge acquired during theoretical studies as well as combining theoretical achievements in the field with practical activity of a tourist agency.

Educational laboratory “Educational Tourist Agency” was set up according to the Ivan Franko National University Rector’s order No 4191 of September, 28 2005 and in compliance with the instruction of implementation of “Regulations for conducting internships of students of higher educational establishments of Ukraine” approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine of 08.04.93 № 93.

The senior assistant of the Laboratory in 2008 was T. B. Zavadovskyi, in 2011 he was substituted by I. Z. Zhuk. In 2009-2010 the Laboratory was repaired, equipped with computers and re-furnished.


Laboratory Chief Manager (by-worker)Taras ZavadovskyyLaboratory Chief Manager (by-worker)