Geography Map Library

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The Library functions at the Department of Constructive Geography and Cartography of the Faculty of Geography. The officer responsible for the Geography Map Library is the authorized person of the custodial division, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Docent Andrii Mykhnovych.

Large, medium and small scale topographic maps; soil maps of Ukraine of the scale 1:200000, aero- and space pictures of various scales are kept in the Library. Topographic maps of the territory of the western part of Ukraine are at the disposal of scholars, PhD students and students:

  • scale 1:10000 (about 150 sheets);
  • scale 1:25000 (about 1500 sheets )
  • scale 1:50000 (around 1000 sheets )
  • scale 1:100000 ( around 400 sheets )
  • scale 1:200000 (around 200 sheets )
  • scale 1:300000 (about 100 sheets )
  • scale 1:500000 ( about 50 sheets )
  • topographic maps of administrative regions of Ukraine of the scale 1:200000.

To work with the topographic maps the students and doctoral students have to submit a letter of enquiry to get the permission signed by the scientific supervisor.