Roman Lozynskyi

Position: Chairperson, Department of Geography of Ukraine

Academic degree: Doctor of Geographical Sciences

Academic Title: Professor

Phone (office): 380-32-239-41-84


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Research interests

  • human geography;
  • urban planning;
  • spatial planning;
  • tourism;
  • history of geography;
  • history of education;
  • language geography;
  • ethnogeography.


  • Lozynskyy R. City size and functional specialization as factors of smart management: A case of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine. / O. Hrymak, L. Kushnir, O. Terletska, M. Vovk M. // Problems and Perspectives in Management. – 2021. – 19(2). – PP. 384–397. (DOI: 10.21511/ppm.19(2).2021.31) (Scopus)
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  • Lozynskyy R. The role of СЕМАТ in the formation of the European spatial planning system /Lozynskyy R. , Labinska G, Morhatskyi V. // Theoretical and scientific bases of development of scientific thought: abstracts of V International Scientific and Practical Conference. Rome, 2021. PP. 189–194.
  • Lozynskyy R. Border Issues in The Post-Soviet States: The Case of Ukraine – Genesis And Factors / Roman Lozynskyy, Viktoriya Pantyley // Border Conflicts in the Contemporary World. – Lublin: Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press, 2014. –S .243–253.
  • Lozynskyy R. Territorial and Ethnic Identity Issues in the Zakarpattia Region / Roman Lozynskyy // Territories and Identities in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Scient. editor: Valentin Mihaylov. –Częstochowa: Instytut Geopolityki, 2014. – S. 340–355.
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  • Łożyński R. Rola organizacji pozarządowych w rozwoju turystyki wiejskiej (na przykładzie Związku Pomocy Rozwojowi Zielonej Turystyki Wiejskiej na Ukrainie)/ Roman Łożyński, Diana Dryglas // W: Rola organizacji pozarządowych w rozwoju i promocji turystyki : [monografia] / red. nauk. Bogusław Sawicki, Anna Nizioł, Marcin Obodyński. – Rzeszów: Uniwersytet Rzeszowski. Katedra Agroturystyki i Ekonomicznych Funkcji Turystyki i Rekreacji, 2012. – S. 364–374.
  • Lozynskyy R. Modern tendencies of the development of ethnolingustic situation in Ukraine / Lozynskyy R. // Geographical Aspects of Transformation Process in Central and East-Central Europe / T. Michalski (ed.). – Gdynia, 2006. – P. 103–109.


Geographer, Prof. (2013), Dr. in Geography (Ethnolinguistic Geography of Ukraine, 2010)), Ph.D. in Geography (Ethnic composition of the urban population of Galicia (historical and geographical study), 2000.

The Faculty of Geography graduate with honor of Ivan Franko State University of Lviv (now Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) (1994), postgraduate (1997), doctoral studies graduate (2009). Archivist of the state municipal bureau of technical inventory and expert assessment of Lviv (1998–2000); chief specialist at the Department for Internal Policy of the Lviv Regional State Administration (2000–2002); lecturer (1999-2001), since 2001 Assist. Prof., since 2009 Head of the Department of Geography of Ukraine of the university. Author of more than 100 publications, including 2 individual monographs and 1 textbook.


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