Natural and anthropogenically transformed geosystems of the Western region of Ukraine, their functioning and ecological condition

Within the framework of the topic the research of structure, dynamics and functioning of natural and anthropogenically-transformed geosystems of the Western region of Ukraine, analysis of their ecological condition, development of scientific-methodological and methodical bases of their optimization is carried out. The spectrum of geoecological problems of industrial waste accumulation in Lviv region is outlined. The processes of formation of anthropogenic and anthropogenically modified geosystems after the cessation of development of mineral deposits are studied. The ecological state of natural and economic systems of Boryslav city of Lviv region is analysed. Peculiarities of dynamics and functioning of ponds in Volyn region are traced. The condition and functioning of the surface water quality monitoring network of Lviv region are assessed. Modelling of climatic factors of altitude zonation of vegetation of the Ukrainian Carpathians and its changes due to global warming is carried out, the manifestation of climatic changes in the Western region of Ukraine and their impact on ecosystems, population and economy is investigated. The modern structure and geography of the network of protected objects within the Lviv region, the problems of its optimization and the current state of formation of the ecological network in accordance with national and European approaches are analyzed. The ecological condition of land resources of Kamyanka-Buzka, Mostyska, Radekhiv, Yavoriv, Sokal, Pustomyty and Brody districts of Lviv region has been studied. The transformation processes in the structure and mode of functioning of river systems of the Western region of Ukraine, the effectiveness of flood control measures and their impact on the environment, the spectrum and distribution of dangerous exogenous processes are studied. Hydroecological and geoecological studies of basin systems of the Ukrainian-Polish border have been carried out. Problems and risks of achieving demographic security of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions have been clarified.