Balanced nature management within the united territorial communities of the Western region of Ukraine

  • Geospatial analysis of natural resource potential of Lviv region has been performed.
  • The influence of dangerous industrial enterprises on the environment has been investigated. The main objects in the urban system of Lviv, which are subject to revitalization for ecologically-balanced development of the city, have been studied.
  • Different directions of use and protection of thewater objects have been substantiated. Models of territorial organization of land use based on landscape and soil research have been recommended.
  • Inventory studies have been conducted and a list of rare types of natural environments on the territory of Yavoriv National Nature Park has been specified.
  • The features of the modern use of the waters of the city of Lviv for different types of activities are revealed and, given the multifunctional importance of the waters, the possibilities of recreational use of the majority of the Lviv reservoirs are formed. The main shortcomings of the modern tourist infrastructure of Lviv region have been investigated, ways of solving existing problems have been suggested.