Participation of urban planning students in the European Mobility Week

23.09.2022 | 13:55

From September 16 to 22, 2022, Lviv has already traditionally joined the European Mobility Week, the main goal of which is to popularize public transport and alternative modes of transportation among city residents.

Students of the Faculty of Geography who are studying under the educational and professional program “Urban Studies, Spatial Planning, and Regional Development” (1st and 2nd-year students) took part in a number of events and activities. In particular, urban planning students:

  • joined the discussion in the format of an urban cafe on the topics of sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, and car parking in the city;
  • got acquainted with the development of bicycle infrastructure in the Lviv city territorial community;
  • visited the urban-historical excursion ” On his/her own two “, where they learned about the historical, geographical, and urban-planning features of the spatial development of the city area within the streets of Bandera-Konovaltsia;
  • and, of course, joined the quest “Test your mobility geographically”, which was organized by the members of the NGO “USMG” (Ukrainian Union of Young Geographers).
  • Taking part in the European Mobility Week, students learned about the main ideas formed by the Sustainable Urban Mobility Program of Lviv and realized the importance of balancing different types of movement in the city.