For the first time, an urban practice was held at the faculty for students studying at the educational and professional program “Urban Studies, Spatial Planning and Regional Development”

29.07.2022 | 16:34

In the period from July 24 to 29, 2022, for the first time, the urban section of integrated educational practice was held at the Faculty of Geography for 1st year students studying the educational program “Urban Studies, Spatial Planning and Regional Development”. The purpose of the practice was to consolidate the theoretical knowledge they received while studying the “Fundamentals of Urban Studies” educational discipline.
Each student comprehensively researches one of the urban settlements of Ukraine. The practice program includes a total of ten tasks. After completing them, students will learn to carry out a general description of the city based on various sources of information, analyze its role in the community, historical and geographical features of development, toponymy, natural complexes, social and industrial infrastructure, transport, urban design, interesting architectural objects, public spaces, budget, urban planning documentation, planning structure, suburban area development, brand and development strategy.
The practice took place taking into account the peculiarities of the educational process under martial law. Students received tasks to work remotely. Practice tutors consulted them on each of the tasks. In the fall, the second stage of practice will take place, after which the students will present their reports.