Assistant professors of the Faculty of Geography, Olena Tomenyuk and Olga Mamchur, talked about the figure of Professor Yuriy Polyanskyi on the live Radio Nezalezhnist

19.01.2023 | 20:43

January 18, 2023 live Radio Nezalezhnist talked about the figure of academician Yuriy Polyanskyi (1892-1975) professor of geographic faculty Olena Tomeniuk and Olia Mamchur.
About the life and creative path of the Ukrainian – Argentinian geographer, geologist, and archaeologist, the liberation struggles of the Ukrainian people, the scientific and educational activity of Yuriy Ivanovich; his role in the formation of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, organizational work in the educational sphere at the geographic faculty, as well as the difficult times as the Mayor of the city of Lviv; about the creative heritage in Ukraine and Argentina and its popularization at the Faculty of Geography of the Lviv National Univesity, was discussed on the author’s program  “People, events, time”.

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