Andrii Baitsar’s monograph “Ukraine and Ukrainians on European ethnographic maps” was published

05.01.2022 | 12:40

The monograph “Ukraine and Ukrainians on European Ethnographic Maps” by Andrii Baitsar, associate professor of the Department of Geography of Ukraine, was published. The monograph examines the development of ideas about the Ukrainian ethnic group settlement boundaries in connection with the beginning of ethnographic maps making of the territory of the Austrian and Russian monarchies. Cartographic material on the ethnogeography of Ukraine was analyzed in detail. Separate chapters are dedicated to Rus, Ruthenians, Novgorodians, as well as White Croats and White Croatia (proto-Ukrainian state). The origin of the terms Ukraine and the outskirts (okraina) is considered. The maps of Claudius Ptolemy, which depict Ukrainian ethnic lands, are characterized.

A description of the maps of the Vynnyky area (a historical and geographical area in the Lviv region) is provided.

For scientists, teachers, students and post-graduate students of geography and history faculties, everyone who is interested in geographical Ukrainian studies.

The monograph “Ukraine and Ukrainians on European Ethnographic Maps” in pdf-format