Andrew Kyrylchuk

Position: Professor, Pedology and Soil Geography Department

Academic degree: Doctor of Geographical Sciences

Academic Title: Professor

Phone (office): 380-32 239-47-49


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Research interests

  • ontogenesis and geography of soils of the Western region of Ukraine
  • applied soil science and land assessment.


  • Malyk R., Kyrylchuk А., Pankiv Z., Kasiyanyk І. Ecological and geographical features of ontogenesis of Holocene soils of Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress Веб-конф. SHS. Том 100, 2021 (ISCSAI 2021). DOI: (Web of Science)
  • Kyrylchuk A. Gross Chemical Composition Transformation of Rendzinas in Malyi Polissya Under the Influence of Deflation / A. Kyrylchuk, V. Haskevich // Polish Journal of Soil Science – 2018. – Vol. 51. – No. 2 –P. 283-295.
  • Kyrylchuk A. Peculiarities of Rendzic Leptosols distribution in Western region of Ukraine/ A. Kyrylchuk // Geografija. – Vilnius, 2013 – T. 49. − Nr 2. – P. 105−113.
  • Kyrylchuk A. Contemporary transformation processes of Rendzinas mineral profile in Western region of Ukraine / A. Kyrylchuk // Romania journal of Soil Science. − 2013. − Vol. XLVII. – No.1 – P. 15−28.
  • Kyrylchuk A. Pedogenic process on eluvium-diluvium solid carbonate rocks / A. Kyrylchuk, S. Poznyak // Polish journal of Soil Science. – 2013. – Vol. XLVI. – No.2 – P. 131−138


Kyrylchuk Andriy Andriyovych ‒ geographer-soil scientist, Ph.D. in Geography (Sod-carbonate soils (rendzina) of Male Polissya, 2001), associate professor (2002). Graduated from the Faculty of Geography, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (1992), postgraduate (1998). 1992-1993 ‒ teacher; 1994-2001 ‒ assistant, since 2002‒ associate professor at the Department of Soil Science and Soil Geography, Lviv. university. The academic title of associate professor of the Department of Soil Science and Soil Geography was awarded in 2003. Doctor of Sciences in Geography (Ontogenesis and Geography of Rendzina of the Western Region of Ukraine, 2014). Since 2015‒professor at the Department of Soil Science and Soil Geography. The academic title of Professor of Soil Science and Soil Geography was awarded in 2021.



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