Political Geography

Type: For the choice of university

Department: economic and social geography

Course description

Objective: The actuality of political geography studying isparticularlycaused by the fact that until recentlytheeconomic geography dominated in the structure of social geography, geography of population and social geography were developed, whereas the study of political and geographic processes and phenomena was assigned to the last role. The purpose of discipline “Political Geography” is to form the students’ political and geographical system of scientific knowledge.

Task: To acquaint with questions concerning the theoretical and methodological basics of political geography, peculiarities of historical development of political and geographical knowledge of the world and Ukraine; to highlight the main categories of political geography: state , territory, border and their conceptual and terminological system.

After doing the course a student has to:

know: interpretation of the object and the subject of political geography , place in the system of sciences, the structure of political geography; historical and geographical features of forming the political geography in the world and Ukraine; concepts and terminology of political geography ; the essence of the political, geographical and geopolitical concepts and theories;

be able: to explain the substantive scope of the political geography studies; to give the political and geographic characteristics of a particular area; to navigate in the stream of political and geographic information.