Monitoring of the world market of tourist services

Type: Normative

Department: tourism




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
932Associate Professor, Associate Professor KRASKO A.GrTM-12s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
916GrTM-12sAssociate Professor, Associate Professor KRASKO A.

Course description

“Monitoring of the world market of tourist services” is a normative discipline for students majoring in 242 “Tourism”, an educational program for masters. It is planned in the 1-st term and comprises 6 credits (according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS).

The purpose of the discipline “Monitoring the world market of tourist services” is to form theoretical knowledge and practical skills in collecting business information, analytical processing of economic surveys, in-depth study of methodology and gaining practical experience in organizing and monitoring the world market of tourist services; use of modern methods for monitoring and forecasting fluctuations in supply and demand in the global market of tourist services in order to make adequate economic decisions in business.

The course curriculum provides consideration of the main aspects of international tourism as a social phenomenon and components of the tourist system; the general interrelation of processes and phenomena in the world economy and their impact on the tourism market; quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the main market processes; main features and peculiarities of international tourist markets; modern features of the transformation of the world market of tourist services; general and specific methods of market analysis and forecast of the global tourism industry.

After completion of this course the student will be able to analyze various aspects of tourism, as: motivation of tourist trips, the formation of the tourist product and its price, strategy and development of the tourism industry; professionally assess the specific situation in the international tourist services market; identify causal links in the development of the global tourism industry; identify the main conditions that determine the market situation in tourism; to formulate conclusions on the prospects for the development of the global tourism industry.