Educational introductory practice

Type: Normative

Department: tourism




SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
2GRT-11sAssociate Professor Monastyrskyy Volodymyr
GRT-12sAssociate Professor Monastyrskyy Volodymyr
GRT-13sAssociate Professor Monastyrskyy Volodymyr
GRT-14sAssociate Professor Monastyrskyy Volodymyr

Course description

“Educational introductory practice” is a normative discipline for students majoring in “Tourism” of bachelors educational program, which is taught in the 2nd semester in the amount of 6 credits (according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS).

The educational introductory practice provides both the organization of a number of excursions to establishments of tourist and hotel- restaurant economy, and acquaintance with tendencies of development of tourist sphere. In particular, the introductory practice allows students to study the types and activities of travel agencies, to get acquainted with the historical and cultural environment of the base of practice, to explore the natural tourist resources of the regions and others.