Chemistry of Earth spheres

Type: For the choice of university

Department: pedology and soil geography

Course description

Course “Chemistry of Earth spheres ” (Chemistry with basics of geochemistry) belongs to fundamental natural- scientific disciplines. Studying of this discipline must be the basics for next study of special disciplines in the field of geography.

This discipline is mandatory as per educational-professional program (EPP) for preparation of bachelors in field – 6.070500 “Geography”,

Aim and task of discipline

Aim is to become prepared in fundamentals for following study at special disciplines in thefield of geography.

Tasks are:

– form dialectical thinking and facilitate developing chemical conception of geography students; understanding roles of chemical processes in Earth ecosystems functioning;

– provide understanding of origins and modernity of chemistry’s theoretical prerequisites;

–  gain firm and conscious mastering of chemical terms;

–  facilitate development of laboratory work skills, master modern physical-chemical analysis methods.

Subject of discipline study

Study general chemical rules, basics and fundamentals of common chemistry and chemistry of geospheres in the content of analysis, state simulation and forecasting for various geosystems .

Place of the discipline in logistic structure of specialist preparation

Disciplines that precede studying of the discipline Disciplines, learning of which is based on this discipline
Basics of chemistry at school level, basics of elementary math and physics Chemistry of soil, Biogeochemistry, Agrochemistry, Geochemistry of landscapes and special disciplines of  geography specialist