The book “Geography and cartography of Vynnyky land” was published

29.01.2020 | 10:29

The book “Geography and Cartography of Vynnyky land” by Andrii Baitsar, associate professor of the Department of Geography of Ukraine, was published. The book introduces the reader to the geography of Vynnyky in an accessible form. Vynnyky land, as a historical and ethnographic part of Podillia, began to take shape in the 17th-18th centuries, when a stone castle was built in Vynnyky instead of an ancient wooden one. During this period, on May 17, 1666, the Polish king Jan II Casimir granted the Magdeburg right to Vynnyky. But the roots of this process went back to the princely era. Vynnyky was not a suburb of Lviv, but during its existence was an economically developed, industrial and fortified settlement on the approaches to Lviv. Vynnyky was owned by many famous families, which puts them on a par with the great cities of Poland and Ukraine in the early and late Middle Ages. The book presents cartographic material not only for the Vynnyky land, but also for Ukraine as a whole. The publication is intended for all fans of the geography and history of the native land.