Presentation of internship vacancies in Bulgaria for students of the Faculty of Geography

21.02.2020 | 14:58

On February 19, 2020, at the Faculty of Geography in Audience 6, a presentation of internship vacancies in Bulgaria by Stufforrent, represented by General Manager Maxim Komarov, took place. The event was attended by students of the 2nd and 3rd year of the specialty “Hotel and Restaurant Business” and “Tourism”, teachers of the Department of Tourism (Pankiv Nataliia, Bezruchko Lyubomyr, Bordun Oresta, Hamkalo Mykhailo, Masiuk Yuliia, Bilous Sofiia, Krasko Anna, Hataliak  Oksana, Bilaniuk Olha), and the dean and the administration of the faculty.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of an internship program at 4 and 5 star hotels (Riva, Helios SPA, Meridian, Marina Sands) at the Bulgarian Sunny Beach and Golden Sands resorts. The meeting looked at potential job openings for students – waiters (4-star and 5-star hotel restaurants), bartenders (allinclusive service), maids (room service), animators (professionals with skills in communicating with children and tourists of various categories, for pool games, fitness classes, escorting tourists at bars, nightclubs), receptionists (hotel receptionists). Also, a lecture was introduced to meet the requirements for future tourism professionals.

Potential trainees are provided with an 8-hour working day, 1 day off per week (fixed), if necessary additional hours of work are paid under the contract. Interns are recruited to serve Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, English tourists.

Attention! For students who want to take part in an internship in Bulgaria under the Stufforrent program!

Potential trainees are offered free lodging, 3 years’ meals and the opportunity to choose a specific profession during the internship training program. The intern pays for insurance in Ukraine, visa, document processing costs. After the internship, each intern receives a certificate of international standard.

Questionnaires for participation in the internship are at the Department of Tourism Auditorium 4, 1 floor of the Faculty of Geography. On all questions you can contact the deputy dean of educational and methodical Bezruchko Lyubomyr, responsible for the internship of students at the department Olha Bilaniuk (+380979988011), and to Stufforent Manager Maxim Komarov on +380688178047.