“Problems related to mountainouslandscape studies”. Collection of articles.

«Problems related to mountainous landscape studies» is a scientific periodical publication (issued once a year), in which research results are published, namelythose concerning the following branches: physical geography, landscape studies and adjacent sciences which are related to origin, development, structure, dynamics, functioning, modern state, usage and protection of landscape complexes and their components as well as their characteristics – rocks, relief, waters, climate, vegetable and animal kingdoms andsoil. Aninternational number ISSNis designated to the bulletin.Electronic versions of published articles are disposed in the Internet.

Issue 1

Year ofestablishment: 2014

Certificate aboutentering publishing entities into a public registerDK № 3655 from 24.12.2014.

Branch of Science: geography

Interval: 1-2 issues per year

Publishing language: Ukrainian, English

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