Tourist-recreational potential of Lviv region

During the reporting year,

  • the advantages and risks of cross-border cooperation within the Carpathian Euroregion were analyzed;
  • the dynamics of the number of accommodation establishments in the Carpathian region of Ukraine is analyzed;
  • the innovative activity within the establishments of the hospitality industry of the Carpathian region of Ukraine is characterized;
  • the theoretical and methodological bases of research of tourist and recreational sphere of the region, the analysis of approaches are analyzed, the own methodology of research is offered;
  • the analysis of functional bases of tourist economy of the Transnistrian tourist area is carried out;
  • a comprehensive study of tourist-resource and tourist-recreational potential of individual administrative districts and cities of the Carpathian region of Ukraine;
  • the most developed in the tourist sense natural-territorial complexes are revealed, the potential possibilities of their use in tourism are analyzed;
  • the historical and geographical features of formation and development of the hotel sphere of Lviv region are analyzed;
  • the main factors that led to the formation and development of hospitality institutions in the region;
  • the business hospitality industry of the city of Lviv is characterized;
  • the condition and protection of natural and historical-cultural objects of Roztocze and Podillya are analyzed;
  • the specifics of resort hotels activity are investigated.
  • The peculiarities of the functioning of hotel enterprises located in the resort of Truskavets have been studied;
  • the influence of sports and event tourism on the formation of the tourist image of cities is analyzed.