Soil and land resources of the Carpathian region of Ukraine and their investment attractiveness

The collective monograph “Soils of Lviv region” (edited by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor SP Poznyak) is prepared for publication, which summarizes the results of long-term researches of genetic nature, geographical distribution, composition and properties of soils of Lviv region. Considerable attention has been paid to the issues of soil management, reproduction, conservation and protection. The questions of the value and cost estimation of soils are considered, taking into account modern methodological and practical approaches. The current state of soil resources, the development of degradation processes and measures to prevent them and overcome the negative consequences are analyzed. The main aspects of soil use ecology are covered, as well as the issues of regulatory support of soil conservation and reproduction of their fertility. The basic rules and tips for the owners are outlined, which will help improve the condition of the soil and increase their fertility. The thematic layers of soil-geographical zoning of Lviv region at different classification levels were vectorized by GIS, and the database of soil-geographical taxonomic units in dbf format was supplemented.