Geographical problems of development of regions and cities of Ukraine

Within the scientific direction, research on the problems of geographical study of cities and regions of Ukraine, in particular, their spatial planning, has been intensified. In two monographs the geography, cartography, nature and history of Vynnyky and its environs are studied. An assessment of the danger of socio-geographical development of macro-regions of Ukraine and the prospects for changing priorities in regional policy. Regional territorial and political problems of Ukraine are revealed. The influence of the implementation of the concept of “Smart City” on the example of the resort town of Truskavets and small towns of Lviv region is analyzed. Public spaces of tourist cities were studied. The socio-geographical features of decentralization in Ukraine have been established, in particular, the analysis of the functioning of united territorial communities and the approved ATU scheme in terms of OTG and districts on the eve of the 2020 local elections have been carried out. Trends in the development of the concept of urban development in Europe are studied. The development of tourism as a factor in overcoming the depression of the towns of Boykivshchyna is considered and analyzed. A separate sub-direction of scientific research of the department is the issue of geographical education. Within its limits, the motivational factors of students’ learning of geography in the Lviv region were studied, a sociological survey of students and teachers was conducted, and its results were processed.