Mykola Nazaruk

Position: Professor, Rational Use of Natural Resources and Nature Protection Department

Academic degree: Doctor of Geographical Sciences

Academic Title: Professor

Phone (office): 380-32 239 45 36


Google Scholar profile:

Research interests

  • problems of interaction between society and nature
  • ecology
  • socio-ecology
  • socio-ecological development.



Nazaruk Mikola Mikolayovich ‒ geographer, Philosophy (Philosophical and methodological foundations of ecological education of youth in modern conditions, 1990), Associate professor (1996), Doctor of Sciences in Geography (Constructive – geographical basis of development and functioning of socio – ecological systems of large cities, 2010). Graduated from Faculty of Geography, Lviv.State University (1977). 1977 -19 90‒ on the Komsomol work; 1990-1996‒teacher of the Department of Ecology at Lviv. forestry technical institute. Since 1996‒Associate Professor, and since 2012‒Professor at the Department of rational use of natural resources and nature protection.


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