Marta Malska

Position: Chairperson, Tourism Department

Academic degree: Doctor of Economic Sciences

Academic Title: Professor

Phone (office): 380-32-239-46-03


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Research interests

  • spacial systems of services;
  • tourism.



Monographs and manuals

Articles and conference materials

  • Malska M., Antonyuk N., Malskyi M. Security challenges to international tourism: national and world trends / M. Malska, N. Antonyuk, M. Malskyi // Security of the XXI century: national and geopolitical aspects: collective monograph. – Prague, 2019. – pp. 24-29.
  • M. P. Malska The influence of global processes on the strategic development of festive tourism in Ukraine/ M. P. Malska, Y. O. Mashuk, O. P. Belanyuk // Menagement mechanisms and development strategies of economic entities in conditions of institutional transformations of the global nvironment: collective monograph/edited by M. Bezpartochnyi, in 2 Vol./ ISMA University. – Riga: ”Landmark”SIA, 2019. – Latvia, 2019. – P. 244–253.
  • Przewodnik geoturystyczny po szlaku “Geo-Karpaty” Krosno–Borysław–Jaremcze : Praca zbiorowa / [pod red. I. M. Bubniaka i A. T. Soleckiego]. – Krosno : Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa im Stanislawa Pigonia w Krosnie, 2013. – С. 127–143.
  • Przewodnik geoturystyczny po szlaku “Geo-Karpaty” Krosno – Borysław – Jaremcze : Praca zbiorowa / [pod red. I.M.Bubniaka i A.T.Soleckiego] – Krosno: Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa im Stanislawa Pigonia w Krosnie, 2013. – 144 p.
  • Lyubitsewa O. Geography of tourism of Ukraine / O. Lyubitsewa, V. Kiptenko, M. Malska, M. Rutynsliy, Y. Zan’ko, Y. Zinko // Geograpfy of tourism of Central and Eastern Europe countries / [ed. J. Wyrzykowski, K. Widawski]. – Wrocław: University of Wrocław, 2012. – P. 445–489.


a geographer,  candidate of economic sciences (Regional Peculiarities of the Trade Complex Formation and Development of a Region, 1993), an associate professor (1996), a doctor of economic sciences (Formation and Development of Spatial Systems of Services (Theory and Practice of Implementation, 2011), professor (2012).

In 1977, graduated from the Ivan Franko State University of Lviv, the Faculty of Geography. In 2000, completed her doctoral studies. In 1979—1984, worked as a teacher. In 1994—1996, became a senior lecturer and later on (1996–2003) — an associate professor at the Department of Geography of Ukraine. In 2003, became the Head of the Department of Tourism. In 2012, received an academic title of a professor at the Department of Tourism, the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Has written nearly 450 scientific works, e.g. International Tourism and Service Industries (K., 2008); Spatial Systems of Services (Theory, Methodology, Practice) (K., 2009), The Tourism of Ukraine: Economic and Organizational Mechanisms of Development (K. 2009; with co-authors).

Awarded with the following titles: an Excellent Education Worker (1982), Honoured Tourism Worker of Ukraine (2004), Merited Education Worker of Ukraine (2018). The owner of the Scientific Achievements Award (2009).


  • Merited Education Worker of Ukraine (2018);
  • Honoured Tourism Worker of Ukraine (2004);
  • the owner of the Scientific Achievements Award (2009);
  • Excellent Education Worker (1982).



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