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In 1974 Educational Laboratory of Aero-Space Research Methods Cartography was set up to facilitate the educational process and upgrade the quality of teaching the courses “Geo-Morphology”, Geo-Morphological Cartography”, “Aero-Space Research Methods”. In 1997 it was renamed into Laboratory of Thematic Cartography”. The Chief Managers of the Laboratory were Oleksiy S. Lutsiuk (1974-87) and Leonid L. Rudkovskyi (1987)

In March, 2011 technical re-equipment of the Laboratory was completed. Small Publishing Centre was set up at its basis. Methodological guidelines, texts of lectures, various maps arrangements for doing practical and laboratory assignments, internships as well as different forms are printed here.

The Laboratory staff actively participate in preparation for printing manuals and monographs of the “Ukraine’s Relief” series for the Department of Geo-Morphology and Paleography.

The Laboratory personnel arranged a number of electronic maps such as “Territorial Organization Map of the Greek-Catholic Church in Galicia in the first half of ХІХ  century” (scale 1:450 000), “Population Density Map of Lviv Region”, (scale 1:300 000). Electronic versions of the maps as follows: “Map of Geo-morphological regioning of the western regions of Ukraine” (scale 1:400 000), “Map of Religious Communities Location in Lviv region” (scale 1:300 000) are being composed. Some maps will be accompanied with reference books.

The Laboratory actively participates in educational process, facilitates doing practical assignments on the course “Geo-morphological Cartography”, “Pleistocene Paleo-Geography “, geological and geo-morphological chapters of the “Complex Internship” for the 1st and 2nd year students, develops and replicates sheets of topographic base. With the technical assistance of the Laboratory staff 4 manuals and 1 monograph as well as a number of publications of “Ukraine’s Relief” series have been produced recently.

The Laboratory personnel take part in scientific conferences and cooperate with the scholars from Ukraine and Poland.


Laboratory Chief ManagerLeonid RudkovsʹkyyLaboratory Chief Manager
1st Category EngineerOlʹha Oblohina1st Category Engineer