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The Laboratory has been functioning at the Department of Physical Geography since 1976. Its originator was Professor Havrylo P. Miller while the organizer and long-term Chief Manager was Docent Oleh M. Phedirko (until 2011). Since 2005 the Laboratory of Landscape research has been structured as a separate unit of the Department of Physical Geography. The staff of the Laboratory consists of the Chief Manager Natalia V. Bilevytch, senior assistants Natalia M. Sakh and Natalia A. Terletska.

The main line of the Laboratory’s activity is to provide students educational and scientific activity. It is a basis for doing laboratory and practical assignments as well as seminar classes on the courses as follows: “Introduction into Physical geography”, “Distance Methods of Investigation”, “Landscape Studies”, “Physical Geography of Continents and Oceans”, “Geographical Monitoring”, “Meteorology and Climatology” and “Hydrology”, as well as a number of special subjects such as “Landscape Geo-Physics”, “Landscape Geo-Chemistry”, “Landscape Evolution”, “Landscape Ecology”, “Applied Landscape Studies”, “Ecological Landscape Studies” etc.

The Laboratory used to be the base for landscape studies held in the framework of complex Carpathian-Volyn-Podillia expedition of the Faculty of Geography and Trans-Carpathian expedition of the Department of Physical Geography. For many years the Laboratory’s material and technical basis has been the base and the staff have been active executives of both state and externally funded research projects and topics of the Department of Physical Geography. The Laboratory together with geographical station in Chornohora was a key component of formation and development of Lviv school of mountain landscape studies of Prof. H. Miller.

A series of authentic landscape maps and maps of physical-geographical regioning on the territory of Yenisei mountain ridge (Doc. O.M. Phedirko), Ukrainian Carpathians (Prof. H. P. Miller, Doc. O.M. Fedirko, Prof. A. V. Melnyk), and their specific regions – Chornohora (Prof. H. P. Miller, Doc. O.M. Phedirko, Doc. B. P. Mukha, Prof. A. V. Melnyk, Doc. P. M. Shuber, Doc. I. S. Kruhlov), Gorgany (Doc. V. P. Matviiv, Doc. V. I. Bilaniuk), National Nature Park “Skolivski Beskydy”, (Doc. O. M. Fedirko, Assist. Prof. B. V. Khomyn, as well as of the territory of Lviv Region (Doc. B. P. Mukha), of Ivano-Frankivsk Region (Prof. A. V. Melnyk), a number of key sections in western regions of Ukraine (Doc. O.B. Zakhulska), Ukrainian Roztochchia (Doc. B. P. Mukha, Doc.B. I. Yavorskyi), city of Lviv and its outskirts (Doc. I. S. Kruhlov), Stillya highlands (Doc. O.M.Fedirko), National Reserve “Roztochchia” (Doc. O.M. Fedirko, Doc. B. P. Mukha, Doc. V. P. Brosak), Central Podillia (Doc. L. Ya. Kostiv) and many others have become a valuable scientific product of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory has necessary material and technical facilities including library (with special literature, meteorological and hydrological year-books, atlases, aero- and space pictures, etc), equipment and devices, modern computers with relevant software, modern technical aids necessary for educational and scientific studies in the field of general physical geography, regional physical geography, meteorology and climatology, hydrology, geographic monitoring and landscape studies, specifically, landscape cartography, geo-physics, geo-chemistry and landscape ecology and other special applied vectors of landscape studies.


Laboratory Chief ManagerNataliya BilevychLaboratory Chief Manager
Senior Department SecretaryNataliіa TerletsʹkaSenior Department Secretary