Educational and Research Laboratory of Soil Studies and Land Use Ecology (ERL -52)

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It was established in compliance with the decision of the Ivan Fanko National University of Lviv Academic Council of 29.01.2003.

The main task of the Laboratory is collecting data, elaboration and implementation of recommendations for rational use of land resources and increasing soil fertility, forming and improving ecologically and economically sustainable system of land ownership, land use and nature use.

The key line of the Laboratory’s research is to expand scientific studies in the field of soil genesis and cartography, land use ecology conditioned by land relations, rational and effective use and valuation of land resources.

The Laboratory makes detailed soils cartography and works out recommendations on their rational use and protection, conducts agro-chemical and agro-physical soil studies to optimize applying fertilizers and raising agricultural productivity; it evaluates agricultural losses caused by building pipelines, constructing and exploitation of electric power lines, geological surveys aimed at discovering mineral resources, surface mining of mineral resources, territories pollution by heavy metals and other xenobiotics etc. It focuses much attention on the development of scientific and practical fundamentals of land resources monitoring to timely find out the soil condition and state of land changes, their evaluation and prognosis, processing recommendations for prevention and elimination of the consequences of negative processes with the view of informational support of land cadastre. It makes soil and ecological evaluation of land resources for land use rationalization and optimization, detects territory and intensity of degradation processes caused by anthropogenic processes, develops recommendations for conservation-transformation or conservation-rehabilitation of the degraded lands. It also focuses on land cadastre, yield and value land assessment, forms database of the territories with critical state of land resources ad submits it to the executive bodies to take relevant management decisions.

The Laboratory is actively involved in educational process, helps developing and mastering new research methods when doing course and diploma papers or Master’s theses by students and dissertations by PhD and Doctoral students and is also a base for internships and trainings.

The Laboratory facilitates publishing scientific and informational materials on soil studies, burning problems of land ownership and land use ecology. The Laboratory staff actively participate in the work of scientific conferences, cooperate with scientific institutions and public organizations of Ukraine and foreign countries. Scientific research on the problems of soil studies and ecology is carried out by experienced scientific personnel specifically: leading engineer Alla M. Trofymchuk, junior research officer Halyna I. Boiko, and engineer of 3rd category Oleksandra Y. Haradzha.