Technical and economic bases of production

Type: For the choice of university

Department: economic and social geography

Course description

Aim: : The aim of the course “Technical and economic bases of production” is to familiarize students with the concepts engineering, technology,technological process, technological organization, the stages of the technological process, innovation, types of innovation; approaches to structuring economic complex of Ukraine,industrial, comprehensive NACE; with the main process in the most important, in terms of output in monetary terms, areas of Ukraine, such as fuel and energy, metallurgical, engineering, chemical, the formation of regional centers of industrial production and the development of services in the country; problems related to the technological modernization of the economic complex of Ukraine.

Objective: To show the role and importance of the technological industry processes in the development and establishment of Ukraine’s economic complex; to analyze the most important technological processes of branches of industry, to identify their shortcomings and indicate what methods can overcome them; to find out what value the costs associated with the production technology make in thefinal productand methods which can reduce the cost of the manufacturing process; to acquaint students with the latest global technological achievements.

After doing the course a student has to:

know: the nature of such concepts as: techniques, technology, technological process, technological structure, production, production phase and stage of production, branch, complex, economic activity, innovation; approaches to classification of economy: industrial, comprehensive, activity approach; factors affecting the development of industrial complex with a detailed analysis of the role of natural resources and demosocial factors in shaping of economic complex of Ukraine; the features of organization of production process in the fuel and power, metallurgical, engineering, chemical, building complexes.

be able: to justify a distinction between the subject of labour and equipment; to analyze the role of factors in production development on a particular area of ​​research; to monitor the effect of factors’ multiplicativity in the development of industrial complex on a particular area; to analyze production processes in various industrial fields in terms of stages, production phases and costs per unit of production; to predict the environmental problems related to the development of production on territory and propose measures to minimize them.