Social geography of Ukraine

Type: Normative

Department: geography of ukraine




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
832Associate Professor LABINSKA H.GRPH-41s, GRPH-42s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
864GRPH-41sAssociate Professor LABINSKA H.
GRPH-42sAssociate Professor LABINSKA H.

Course description

The discipline of “Social Geography of Ukraine” is a basic discipline in the specialty 106 “Geography” for the educational program 106 “Geography”, which is taught in the VIII semester in 3 credits (according to the European Credit Transfer and Transfer System ECTS).

The aim of the discipline is to form Ukraine-centric approach in the study of social and economic processes in the world.

The objectives of the discipline are the following: tracking socio-geographical changes in Ukraine in the context of modern challenges; outlining the demographic prospects of Ukraine: depopulation, emigration, national identity crisis; characteristics of the state of Ukrainian industry, its industry structure; characteristics of agriculture of Ukraine; changes in the geography of export and import of Ukraine, their structural diversification under the current geopolitical and economic conditions; study of internal territorial differences of socio-geographical development through economic regions of the country, changes in the development of the largest economic centers of Ukraine. The structure of the course, in addition to lectures, includes thematic interactive seminars and practical work that students will perform using modern statistics.

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