Market of tourist services

Type: Normative

Department: tourism




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
932GrTM-11s, GrTM-12s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
932GrTM-11sAssociate Professor, Associate Professor KRASKO A.
GrTM-12sAssociate Professor, Associate Professor KRASKO A.

Course description

“Market of tourist services” is a normative discipline for students majoring in 242 “Tourism”, an educational program for masters. It is planned in the 1-st term and comprises 5 credits (according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS).

The discipline purpose is to acquaint students with the terminology and conceptual apparatus of the market of tourist services, study of the national tourism market with considerable attention to the structures and typologies of national markets as components of the world tourism process, determine the patterns of their formation functioning and territorial organization as well.

The course curriculum envisages consideration of the conceptual apparatus of the market of tourist services, mechanism and patterns of functioning of the market of tourist services and territorial organization at different hierarchical levels, structural and typological features of the tourist market and principles of its segmentation, conditions and factors of formation and territorial organization of the tourism industry as a basis for the development of the national market of tourist services, factors of supply and demand in tourism, structural and logical scheme of geospatial research of the tourist market, pricing principles of tourism product, methods of macro-regional research of the tourist market, research methods of the national tourist market, conditions and factors of demand of the tourist market, and classification of tours.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to segment the tourism market according to various criteria, assess the impact of the tourism industry on the economy of the region and the country, analyze the distribution and movement of tourist flows within Ukraine and in the world, calculate the cost of the tourist product; develop tours and routes, analyze the market of tourist services, process legislative and normative acts, statistical information, and educational literature of periodicals. To study the course, students need to have basic knowledge of tourism and its organization, the basics of economics, which is sufficient for the perception of the categorical apparatus of the market of tourist services, understanding of its tools and methodology.