Landscape studies

Type: Normative

Department: geoecology and physical geography




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
432Associate Professor Bohdan YAWORSKYYGEd-21s, GEd-22s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
432GEd-21sAssociate Professor Bohdan YAWORSKYY
GEd-22sAssociate Professor Bohdan YAWORSKYY

Course description

Objective: familiarization with theoretical principles of synthetic, integrated section of physical geography – landscape studies. Formation of geographical system thinking, comprehensiveview and understanding of the Earth’s surface nature.

Tasks: 1) familiarization with the history of landscape ideas’ development; 2) research of the principles of geographical cover’s differentiation; 3) familiarization with the hierarchy of natural territorial complexes; 4) mastering knowledge about landscape: its structural, genetic and functionally-dynamic aspects; 5) familiarization with the landscape systematization; 6) studying principles of relationship between human beings and landscapes, and defining its consequences.

After doing the course a student has to:

know: the history of development of landscape ideas and landscape studies; principles of regional and local differentiation of geographical cover referring to natural territorial complexes with various ranks; principles of landscape structure, functioning, dynamics and development; principles of landscape classification and mechanisms of landscape response to economic human activity.

be able to: map morphological landscape units that refer to different ranks, recognize their origin, modern functionally-dynamic processes, systematize natural territorial complexes, analyze their horizontal and vertical structure, give recommendations concerning usage of human-modified landscapesat regional authority level.


Handouts for practical courses: topographic maps, space images, comprehensive descriptions-characteristics of natural territorial complexes

Landscape maps of Ukraine and Ukrainian Carpathians