Land resources and land cadastre

Type: Normative

Department: pedology and soil geography




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
432Professor Zinoviy PANKIVGRE-21s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
432GRE-21sProfessor Zinoviy PANKIV

Course description

Land resources and land cadastre” is a discipline of professional and practical bachelors training in the specialty 101 “Ecology” of the educational program “Applied Ecology”. It is taught in the second semester in the amount of 4 credits (according to the European Credit Transfer System ECTS). Land resources are the basis of economic activity, the spatial basis of population, settlements, infrastructure and industries, the place of concentration of all minerals, the subject and means of labor in agriculture and forestry, a component of the biosphere that regulates the environment.
The purpose of the discipline is to acquaint students with the structure and geography of land resources of Ukraine, the legal provisions of land use and protection. The State Land Cadastre regulates the processes of land transfer to own and use, contains information on the natural, legal and economic condition of all land in Ukraine. In the course students study the classification units of land and economic activities, legal aspects of transfer hto own and use, regulations of monetary valuation, compensation for losses of agricultural and forestry production.

Goal of the Subject – introduce students to the importance of land resources in people’s life as well as its place in the structure of natural resources potential of Ukraine, study classification units of land fund and their diagnostic characteristics, structure of land resources of Ukraine, functioning peculiarity of land market and prevailing directions of state’s land fund protection; study main stages of land cadaster formation, its content and role, types and principles, familiarization with main statutory norms and documents which regulate their functioning, study components of state land cadaster and their tasks, understand modern state of land cadaster management and its role in regulating of land affairs in Ukraine.

Tasks of course: – gain theoretical knowledge about importance of land resources in people’s life and functioning of biosphere, their ecology functions;

  • study classification units of land fund and fund and their diagnostic characteristics;
  • familiarize with structure of land fund and its geography;
  • familiarize with structure and geography of dried and irrigated lands of Ukraine;
  • study theoretical and legal basics of Ukraine land market;
  • familiarize with legal basics of and directions of land resource protecting;
  • study main historical stages of forming land cadaster
  • familiarize with lawmaking and regulatory documents that regulate functioning of state land cadaster in Ukraine;
  • study constituent parts of land cadaster and their tasks;
  • formation of modern land cadaster management and its role in regulating of land affairs.


After doing the course a student has to:


  • categories of land fund and their diagnostic characteristics;
  • structure of Ukraine’s land fund and territory peculiarities in view of administrative-territorial formations;
  • pars of irrigated and dried land of Ukraine, their geography, prevailed directions of use and protection measures;
  • land fund peculiarities in settlements and directions of its rational use;
  • legal aspects of land market and its modern functioning state;
  • legal aspects and prevailed directions of Ukraine’s land resources protection;
  • historical stages of formation and development of land cadaster in the world and Ukraine;
  • lawmaking and regulatory documents that regulate functioning of state land cadaster in Ukraine;
  • organizational structure, levels and functions of state land cadaster centers;
  • modern land cadaster management state in Ukraine and its urgent improvement needs.

be able to: – diagnose main categories of land resources in nature;

  • depict categories of land resources on plans and maps;
  • calculate land resource structures, depict results in form of diagrams and cartograms
  • use reports from Department of Lands
  • work up information regarding land allocation by property forms and type of use;
  • distinguish location of limits regarding use of land parcels;
  • set cadastral number of land parcel with selection of unit code according to administrative-territorial system of Ukraine, cadaster zone number and quarter;
  • read cadastral plan of land parcel;
  • conduct partial economic appraisal of land
  • estimate monetary value of land parcels for nonagricultural purpose.

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