Geographical monitoring

Type: For the choice of university

Department: physical geography

Course description

Aim: acquisition of the oretical and methodological bases of monitoring of human economic activity effects on the landscapes and organization of the system of supervision and control over the environment.

Objectives: 1) introduction to the history of development of the concept of environmental monitoring and its structure; 2) study of  the specifics of monitoring at the global level; 3) introduction to the systems of climate monitoring and monitoring of the World’s ocean; 4) study of the organizational structure of the industrial monitoring: sources of air, surface waters and soils pollution, radioactive contamination; 5) presentation of the theoretical principles and methods of integrated landscape monitoring; 6) review of the structure of state monitoring of the natural environment in Ukraine.

Uponthe course completion students should
know: the scientific basis of comprehensive geographical monitoring of the natural environment; organizational structure, content and objectives of monitoring at the global, regional and local levels; structure of state monitoring in Ukraine and in Lviv region;
be able to: analyze information on the state of the environment and rate it.