Geographical country-specific studies

Type: For the choice of university

Department: economic and social geography

Course description

Aim: The relevance of geographical country-specific studies is due in particular that the concept of  “country”  is one of the most widely used in the social and economic geography and geographical science in general. Geospatial research unit “country” is universal to geography and economic and social geography in particular. The aim of the course “Geographical country-specificstudies” is to form the system of geographic country-specific studies and scientific knowledge.

Tasks: introduce the issues relating to the object, subject, peculiarities of historical development and chief scientific statements of geographical science;identify geospatial features of geographical processes in various fields: political, economic, social, historical, cultural, military, etc.; learn the techniques of complex analysis of country geographically territorial public systems of different spatial levels (including local and regional); highlight current geographic features and geographic factors of their formation in the world and Europe..

After doing the course a student has to:

know: conceptual and terminology apparatus of  geographical country-specific studies; its main essence of scientific statements; typology of countries all over the world and their main parameters .

be able to: analyze geographical phenomena and processes; explain the features and identify factors of spatial distribution and geospatial organization of geographical phenomena and processes; give geographical background portrait of territory (country, state, region); orientate in the stream of geographical information.