Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Type: For the choice of university

Department: physical geography

Course description

The course “Basics of Physical Geography” refers to the basic training courses for preparation of students of geographical specialties. Taught at all geographical departments of Ukraine.

Objective: To present the understanding of the world and the Earth to students as systematically organized and coherent object, to present the basics of geographical knowledge and show the connection between the components and elements of its structure. To prepare students for the conscious perception of fields of geographical subjects that are taught as separate courses for an in-depth study of some aspects of the geographical environment, including astronomy, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, soil science, geobotany, nosology, landscapescience, geophysics landscapes, distance research of Earth and other natural and related sciences and knowledge systems.

Task: to present the object and subject of the course to students, a system of geographical sciences, their development, to examine the Earth Globe as a part of the universe, its planetary features, history of its formation and development; give the description of the Earth from the standpoint of geospherical, geocomponential and geosystematical interpretation; to teach students to see geographical objects as a result of the Earth’s geographic processes, as an interaction of geographical environmentfactors. While studying all of the topics the information on anthropogenic changes of the environment is presented.

Upon the course completion, students must know: key dates in the history of geography, important world value personalities of geographical science from ancient times to the present, scientists and geographers from Ukraine and Ivan Frankonational university of Lviv. Place of the Earth in space, geographical implications of movements of the Earth in space. To have knowledge about the internal structure of the Earth and telluric processes, the concept of the circulation of magmatic material. To know the tectonic structure of the Earth, its development, the formation of the platform and geosynclinal areas, rift zones and their functioning, the relief of the land and oceans of the Earth, manifestations of tectonic processes in the lithosphere and on the Earth’s surface. The distribution of solar heat over the earth’s surface and its effects on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; scheme of planetary atmospheric circulation, the general scheme of the ocean water circulation, temperature and salinity distribution in the ocean waters. Geographical zonation and vertical zonation, its impact on soil and vegetationcoverings. The landscapes of the world.