Basics of social geography

Type: Normative

Department: economic and social geography




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
132Professor Oleh SHABLIYGRPH-11s, GRPH-12s


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
GRPH-12sProfessor Oleh SHABLIY

Course description

Aim: form the students’ socio-geographical system of scientific knowledge.

Tasks: introduce the theoretical and methodological foundations of social geography, the historical development of science,content of modern social geography.

After doing the course a student has to:

know: interpretation of the object and the subject of social geography , place in the sciences, the structure of social geography;

historical and geographical features of the formation of social geography in the world and Ukraine ;

concepts and terminology of social geography;

nature of genetic, structural laws, laws compliance and operation;

the essence of environmental, geo-economic, geo demosocial, geopolitical concepts and theories;

essence and using peculiarities of philosophical , common scientific and specific scientific methods of research in social geography.

be able to: explain the subject field of Social Geography study;

give a description of specific objects based on the deployment of the category “territory”;

use geo-environmental, geo-economic, geo-demosocial, geopolitical concepts and theories to characterize areas;

orientate in the stream of social and geographical information.