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The Department of Tourism was established at the Faculty of Geography of the Ivan Franko National University of L’viv in 2003 under the Decree of the Scientific Council of the University as of 29 January 2003 (protocol No. 21/3) approved by the order of the Rector of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv No. 194 as of 4 February 2003. The Department develops the following scientific research areas: Theory and Methodology of Tourism Studies (Prof. M. Malska, Assoc. Prof. M. Rutynskyi); Management of Tourism Activity (Assoc. Prof. N. Mandiuk, Assoc. Prof. I. Purska; Marketing of Tourist Services (Prof. M. Malska, Assoc. Prof. O. Bordun, Assist. V. Yarmolovych); Territorial Organization of Service Industry of the Western region of Ukraine (Prof. M. Malska, Assoc. Prof. I. Pandiak); Planning of Travel Agency Functioning (Assoc. Prof. O. Bordun, Assoc. Prof. V. Monastyrskyi); Organization of Religious Tourism (Assoc. Prof. A. Kovalchuk); Recreation Studies and Recreational Geography (Assoc. Prof. M. Rutynskyi, Assoc. Prof. M. Hamkalo); Geography of Tourism of Ukraine (Assoc. Prof. M. Rutynskyi, Assoc. Prof. N. Pankiv); Active Tourism (Assoc. Prof. M. Hamkalo, Assoc. Prof. P. Romaniv); Tourist Country Studies (Assoc. Prof. M. Hamkalo, Assoc. Prof. O. Bordun, Assist. N. Hanych),Methods and Technology of Hotel and Restaurant Services (Assoc. Prof. I. Pandiak, Assist. O. Hataliak); Historical and Cultural Tourism (Assoc. Prof. D. Kadnichanskyi, Assist. T. Zavadovskyi), Youth Tourism (Assoc. Prof. D. Kadnichanskyi), Tourist Area Studies (Assoc. Prof. M. Rutynskyi, Assoc. Prof. D. Kadnichanskyi).

The Department of Tourism prepares experts in the specialty “Management of Organizations and Administration” (Specialist), “Management of Organizations and Administration” (Master); “Tourism” (Bachelor), “Tourism Studies (according to types)” (Specialist), “Tourism Studies” (Master).

Twenty-one lecturers, five employees of scientific-supporting staff work at the Department.


(by-worker)Vasyl Stetskyi (by-worker)
Chairperson, Professor (by-worker)Marta MalskaChairperson, Professor (by-worker)
ProfessorVasyl KravtsivProfessor
DocentLyubomyr BezruchkoDocent
DocentOresta BordunDocent
DocentMariya FilʹDocent
DocentMykhailo HamkaloDocent
DocentDmytro KadnichanskyiDocent
DocentMykhaylo KlapchukDocent
DocentAnna KraskoDocent
DocentViktoriia KyzymaDocent
DocentNazarii MandiukDocent
DocentAndrii MankoDocent
Docent (by-worker)Volodymyr MonastyrskyyDocent (by-worker)
DocentIhor PandiakDocent
DocentNataliia PankivDocent
DocentIryna PurskaDocent
DocentPavlo RomanivDocent
Senior Lecturer (by-worker)Svitlana BlahodyrSenior Lecturer (by-worker)
Senior LecturerYuriy ZinkoSenior Lecturer
LecturerOlha BilaniukLecturer
LecturerSofiia BilousLecturer
LecturerNataliia HanychLecturer
LecturerOksana HataliakLecturer
LecturerIryna LesykLecturer
LecturerYuliia MasiukLecturer
LecturerVolodymyr RozhakLecturer
LecturerViacheslav YarmolovychLecturer
LecturerTaras ZavadovskyyLecturer
2nd Category EngineerSofiia Diakiv2nd Category Engineer
Senior Department SecretaryUlyana DerkachSenior Department Secretary
Senior Department SecretaryYurii ZhukSenior Department Secretary
Postgraduate StudentYuriy MatichynPostgraduate Student

Lecturers' schedule